We are all “Under the Big Top” together!

clown noses

Whether your child is new to Deerfield-Windsor or a returning student, the first few weeks of school are exciting and BUSY!

Amid the chaos, remember the significance of asking your children about their day.

Ask your child for one good thing that happened during the day and keep a positive focus, so your child can do the same. Your children are looking to you as a guide for their feelings. While this is often hard as a parent, they are watching to see how you handle situations. Should your child communicate a concern, below are a few helpful hints:

  • Ask your child what role they played in the situation.
  • Ask how things could have been handled differently.
  • Develop a plan of action if this scenario were to happen again.

We want your child to have a successful year – teachers, counselors, and staff are here to help!

As we are all “under the big top” together, I feel blessed to have my children attend a school they love, and I can call that same place my work home.

Wishing you a GRAND year!

Mrs. Hood, Lower and Middle School Counselor