KnightLife: New Opportunities for the Community

Earlier this semester the faculty had the opportunity to venture outside of our cocoon on campus and familiarize ourselves with some of the exciting work taking place in our ASUcommunity.  While we all took something away of value, I found the day especially useful.  Unlike most of my colleagues, I’m new to Albany.  The opportunity to engage with other individuals and institutions in the community provided me with a chance to visit new places, to meet new people, and most importantly, to familiarize myself with new learning opportunities for our students.   My visit to Albany State University fulfilled each.

ASU is the only four-year university in Dougherty County, and with its impending merger with Darton, it stands to become the leading institution for higher-education in southwest Georgia.  Change, however, rarely comes easy, and to say that this merger has been contentious would be an understatement.  We met with Dr. Art Dunning, the University’s president, who provided us with a sense of how the new Albany State can become a point of pride, unity, and economic development within our city and region.  Dr. Dunning was frank and sincere as he addressed the challenges that ASU, Darton, and the community as a whole will face during the next year.  Merging two institutions with such divergent academic and institutional missions is no small task, especially when we consider that this is all taking place under what the historian C. Vann Woodward has called “the burden of southern history.”  Indeed, the region’s social, cultural, and economic challenges are not insignificant.  That the merger is taking place within the context of these challenges is unmistakable, as is the reality that the cumulative history of the region will undoubtedly color how many in our city view the merger.  Nevertheless, Dr. Dunning suggested that we use the merger as a chance to transcend these challenges.  He underscored the point that the success of southwest Georgia and the success of the merger are inextricably linked.  In order for the new Albany State to be an institution that can act as a catalyst for the economic development and social betterment of our region, it will have to embrace the community just as the community will have to embrace it.

As teachers, we have the opportunity to enroll in graduate classes at Albany State and to possibly serve as adjunct instructors.  Each can strengthen our faculty and provide invaluable opportunities for professional development.  The University’s representatives also highlighted the opportunities available to our students who want to earn college credit through concurrent enrollment and online courses.  This has the potential to prepare our students for the intellectual rigors of college and to heighten the level of erudition here at Deerfield.  This merger will undoubtedly be a challenge, but so too will it provide new opportunities for the community.

Jake Clawson, Upper School Humanities

KnightLife: Did You Know?

  • AlbanyTechAlbany Technical College’s Nursing Program had a 100% pass rate on the State Boards for both its LPN and RN program in 2015 and was ranked 52nd
    in the 100 Best Nursing Schools in the Nursing Journal.
  • Albany Technical College offers Dual Enrollment to all area high schools – and its free!
  • Albany Technical College’s Robotics Program (Titans) received high honors at the World Competition held in St. Louis in 2015.
  • Albany Technical College was one of only three technical colleges in Georgia to receive over $3 million dollars to develop a new college and career academy to serve the Dougherty County School System and surrounding counties.

If you didn’t know any of these impressive facts, you’re just like me. I had no idea how amazing ATC’s programs are until we visited the school in early January. Dr. Anthony Parker, the president of Albany Technical College, and a team of dynamic educators are quietly making this educational institution one of the most respected technical colleges in the southeast with little local fanfare or recognition. What a shame! In this very community is a technical college offering college credits transferable to most four year colleges, with state of the art technology in all programs and a team of very impressive instructors ready to offer our local high school students and graduates a quality start to their collegiate careers.

Our visit was an amazing day of discovery that opened many doors for collaborative ventures between DWS and ATC as we begin exploring the world of robotics – kicking off with a group of middle school students attending the FIRST Robotics Competition in March. Teams of high school students will bring their robots to compete by performing tasks such as throwing balls and breaking down defenses in this year’s competition, “Stronghold”. These competitions and the Super Bowl-like atmosphere inspire students to dive into the world of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) and further develop the problem solving skills necessary to succeed in this technology driven world.

Thanks to Albany Tech for opening your doors to a world of discovery for all of us!

Cathy Jones, Middle School Science

Fair Season … College-style!

college just aheadWhat are you doing today? Going to the lake, relaxing by the pool, sleeping in? I’m going to be on a bus with 72 Deerfield-Windsor juniors traveling to Atlanta. No, I haven’t lost my mind. We are going to a College Fair!

The Lovett/Westminster College Fair is one of the largest in the southeast and boasts over 300 schools from across the nation. College Fairs are an excellent resource for students and parents as they prepare to embark on the college selection process in earnest. Still not sold? Consider the following reasons Fair attendance is critical:

10 Reasons the College Fair is a Can’t Miss Event!

  1. In-person research
    Gain immediate, personal feedback to your questions and suddenly schools start “to come alive” for you while speaking with the admission and/or alumni reps at each booth.
  2. Save money
    College Fairs give you the opportunity to visit a large number of schools all under one roof.
  3. Explore new options
    Discover new colleges not on your radar.
  4. Free advice
  5. Narrow your list of possibilities
  6. Demonstrate Interest
    Colleges want to know that they are wanted.
  7. Find out about summer programs/opportunities
  8. Attend special information sessions
    Topics like Financial Aid or Athlete Recruitment.
  9. Practice your interview skills
  10. Great preparation for the campus visit

Mrs. Willcox, College Counselor