About DWS

Learning Today … Leading Tomorrow

Our Mission – Deerfield-Windsor School exists to inspire in its students a passion for learning, a commitment to personal integrity, and a sense of social responsibility.

Deerfield-Windsor School is a co-educational, independent, day school located in Albany, Georgia. Our small class size ensures that students participate, interact with teachers and classmates, and take an active role in learning. Our extensive extracurricular program demands that students participate in multiple activities in order to sustain the teams, ensembles, clubs, casts, and organizations.

In a time when parents are concerned with safety and a positive environment, Deerfield-Windsor provides a warm, closely-knit, wholesome culture. From the Advisory Program and Honor Code, to Girl Talk, Friends of Rachel, the Kindness Campaign, and the innumerable opportunities to engage in community service, students are constantly reminded of the importance of honesty, civility, good citizenship, and concern for others.

The record of success that our alumni have established in college is well-documented. Our students earn admission to competitive colleges, but more importantly find that they are well prepared once they arrive. Our graduates’ record of retaining the HOPE Scholarship after their first year of college is more than double the state average.

We hope that you will look through our website and find a school family that you would like to join. Please visit Deerfield-Windsor School and meet the people that make this such a special place.

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