KnightLife: 3-2-1 ACTION

New Year, new me. That’s how it is supposed to be, right? Well, I found that to be true, just a little bit earlier than the 2016 “resolutioners.” My new year started when I was asked to WALB Group.jpgstart a Broadcast Journalism program at Deerfield-Windsor. Of course, I was thinking, “I can’t take this on my second year of teaching,” but the teacher part of me demanded we bring this opportunity to life.

Getting started was tough. I searched the web, reached out to schools, and read every book I could find on “getting started.” In the end, I realized every school “started” from a different point which reflected what they had to offer.

On this journey, Deerfield-Windsor supported me in not one, but two development opportunities. In November, I travelled with nine students to the National High School Journalism ConventioIMG_1334.JPGn in Orlando, FL. For three days, our schedule was packed with speakers who were experts in their field. Each one of us came away inspired and ready to try something new.

Upon returning from Orlando, we needed access to local expertise, and WALB was our answer! During our behind the scenes visit on DWS Discover Albany Day, we met anchors, directors and producers who were interested in partnering with us in the future.

Due to the support of DWS, we are now working towards coming at ya live from the Design Lab! Here’s to 2016 and what’s yet to come with the Broadcast Program!

Lindsey Horton, Upper School Humanities

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