KnightLife: Just Beyond the Doorstep

This week, our faculty took to the community with the singular goal of a-janlearning what our neighbors are up to. We all know amazing things are afoot just beyond our doorstep, but we become so engrossed with working with and caring for our students, we fail to engage with all the wonderful people and organizations in Albany and the surrounding areas. Given this, it seemed the best thing to do was for the teachers to take a field trip, and leave the lesson plans for another day.

To our surprise and immense appreciation, we found the organizations we contacted were willing to open their doors to us. Ten groups of teachers were sent away from the schoolhouse and each group visited one of the following locations: Albany Civil Rights Institute, Albany State University, Albany Technical College, Flint RiverQuarium, Jones Ecological Research Center, Phoebe, SASCO, Thrush, WALB, and White Oak Pastures. At each and every stop, the energetic people and dynamic undertakings each organization engages in blew our faculty away.

Ultimately, we set off on this adventure to learn about our community, meet and interact with our neighbors, and model the kind of engagement we seek to instill in our students. Our desire is to bring our classrooms to Albany and Albany to our classrooms. With that in mind, we will be running a blog series over the next several months in which teachers will share their discoveries from this experience. We hope you enjoy the upcoming blogs as much as we enjoyed living them!

Geoffrey Sudderth, Middle and Upper School Director

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