KnightLife: Stepping Back in Time

Time travel.

Deerfield-Windsor School
Why America is Free – 2014

It’s fascinating and captures our imaginations – just look at the popularity of movies like “Back to the Future” and TV shows such as “Outlander.”  Wouldn’t it be fun to go back in time for just a day to find out what life was really like in the past?! Armed with an adopted persona and an authentic costume, our fifth graders are doing just that – stepping back to the 1700’s to experience Why America is Free.

What does it take to be a colonist?

Deerfield-Windsor School
Why America is Free – 2015

Through hands-on study, this period comes alive for our students. These “colonial” children churn butter, punch tin, and create candles. They march as a military unit, prime and fire muskets, pour tea, and write calligraphy. But these types of activities are only the beginning for our would-be colonists.  As the sun sets, the candlelit evening activities promise to be full of excitement and drama.  Rumors of a Continental soldier hiding in the house circulate through the colonists. Is it true?  Has this soldier traveled for days, risking life and limb, to deliver information that could be of use to the local militia?   What about the rumors that Redcoats might be lurking about?  What can mere school aged children do to help bring about the birth of a whole new nation?

Through the experiences of Patriots Day and thanks to the help of many, many volunteers, our children will find out firsthand what the pages of a textbook cannot possibly explain.   I hope it will be a highlight of their Lower School years and will create memories lasting a lifetime!

Cary Stoudenmire, Lower School Director

Cary Stoudenmire

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