KnightLife: Why do we love Giving on Game Day?

“It makes us feel like we are making a big change in our community.”

Who gets excited to see the Knights compete under the lights on Friday night? Everyone, right?! Well, in the 5th Grade, we thought it would be a brilliant idea to take advantage of the excitement on Friday nights and inspire our community to give back every time the Knights tee it up for a home football game. Through these efforts, we have engaged our community and begun to form relationships with socially responsible organizations like the Humane Society, Phoebe Liberty House, and The Lord’s Pantry. Our goal is to not only support these organizations through charitable donations, but to follow their lead by being invested in the Albany community. Our commitment this fall was recognized by the Albany Advocacy Resource Center, who honored us with a Community Service award at their recent banquet. Below are some of our 5th grade Knights and what they love about our Giving on Game Day initiative:

“If you ask us what our favorite donation has been we would not be able to pick one.”

“People go to DWS football games to have a good time, but they are really helping the community when they get involved in Giving on Game Day!”

FotorCreated“A lot of people donate to be seen doing something good. We do this to represent our school. We want to help our community because it is important and we care about it.”

“It makes us feel like we are making a big change in our community.”

Deerfield-Windsor 5th Grade

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