KnightLife: Are You a Tourist in Your Home?

Several weeks ago, I joined my colleagues in the Leadership Albany ’16 class for a full day of discovery and exploration in our city. During this excursion, we toured Procter & Gamble and learned they will soon open a biomass plant to Imagegenerate 100% of the steam necessary to run operations; we visited the Albany Civil Rights Institute and realized the impact of the Albany Movement and Dr. King’s role within it; at the Flint RiverQuarium, we discovered the importance of water and the fragility of our supply, while learning Antoine Predock’s design for the facility was inspired by the Kolomoki Mounds. I could go on, but you get the point: we learned volumes about the immense vitality of the community in which we live!

So, why am I blogging about this?

This experience got me thinking about ways DWS can explore partnerships with the vibrant organizations in our community. Businesses in our community are conducting inspirational work, museums highlight and preserve our rich history, and socially responsible organizations are finding ways in which we will create a better environment for all to thrive.

Our school seeks to join that work and develop partnerships with organizations in an effort to have our students and teachers actively working alongside our neighbors to stretch our students while learning about our home and continually making Albany a dynamic place to learn, live, partner and work. We are not interested in being tourists in our own home; rather, we desire to become active citizens by establishing relationships that impact the daily curriculum at DWS, and ultimately, inspire a passion for life and civic engagement in all Knights.

Many thanks to Leadership Albany, ADEDC, P&G, Flint RiverQuarium, Thronateeska, ACRI, CVB and all of your wonderful employees, colleagues and partners who worked to make this an amazing day that has helped shine a light on the path ahead for DWS!

Geoffrey Sudderth, Director of Middle and Upper School


2 thoughts on “KnightLife: Are You a Tourist in Your Home?

  1. Geoffrey,

    So proud of you and the work you are doing to educate those young minds. Your wisdom and the partners wisdom will certainly make a stronger, healthier planet for all. hpc


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