KnightLife: Tybee Travels with a 6th Grader

What do muddy rain boots, crawling fiddler crabs, sea creature personification writings, netting on a tidal creek dock, and sea island economics all have in common? These are all things experienced by DWS sixth graders as they participated in the island ecology field experience on Tybee Island.

5:45 a.m. came bright and early as we loaded up the new, white DWS bus to head to Tybee Island. My buddies and I quickly started a fierce competition of Uno and War. The trip seemed short, but a few hours later when the bus pulled into the Tybee 4-H center, we were ready to get out and stretch our legs! It was a rainy, overcast sky, but we smelled the salty water and knew we had finally reached the beach.

Our twenty boy dorm room was full of bunk beds and sometimes very loud and rambunctious – but not as loud as the other room of boys!

IMG_2979Peanut butter and jelly … not the kind you eat.

Two of us waded into the surf and sleuthed for sea creatures. One person (the “peanut butter”) held the end of a net and stood in one place and another person (the “jelly”) circled around holding the other end of the net. We collected shrimp, anchovies, and puffer-like fish. We learned about these creatures in the classroom, but actually got to experience them on Tybee.

Most important thing I learned?

Don’t stick your hand in the Test Tank! A human pinch uses 20-pounds of pressure, but the crabs in this tank pinch with 500-pounds of pressure and can pull your finger off!

Hunter, 6th grader


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