KnightLife: Through Granddaddy’s Eyes

As I drove onto the Lower Campus for carpool Caughey’s first day of kindergarten, I was filled with emotion – his school year had started, but I was no longer at DWS. I’ll never forget that first glimpse of him walking wIMG_3432ith his class while I scanned the playground and listened to all the laughter.  He spotted me, pointed me out to his buddies and waved.  His big smile said it all: he had a good day and that knowledge warmed my heart.

As a grandparent, I want the best experiences for my grandchildren and hearing about his fun learning activities assures me he loves to learn, which is very important to me.

KnightLife is a Family Affair

From the beginning of my tenure at DWS, it was a family affair because my wife was on faculty and Bo and Kristin students; however, now having a grandchild attending takes the experience to another level.

Ruth and I enjoy and appreciate the opportunity to help with class projects and attend school programs.  This involvement allows us to witness his excitement about the activity and our presence, while watching the class grasp an educational concept, is another WOW moment for me as a granddad.  Attending sporting events with Caughey, first grade, and future Knights, Henry and Hank, is an extraordinary experience.  The DWS family atmosphere at these events just rounds out the total DWS climate I enjoyed as the school leader and now appreciate for my grandson.

As headmaster I would meet and greet grandparents throughout the year and engage in countless conversations about their grandchildren.  Each Grandparents Day I watched the interaction and excitement between grandparents and grandchildren without fully understanding.  Well, now I really do understand this grandparent thing as I’m cutting my vacation in Jackson Hole short to be home for Grandparents Day.  Things are much clearer through this granddaddy’s eyes!

W.T. Henry, Grandparent and Former Headmaster

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