Under the Friday Knight Lights with a Student Trainer

CrossFit truly began my interest in sports medicine. Through this program, I became fascinated IMG_3314with how the body moves – specifically how people recover from surgeries and injuries, regain strength, and relearn how to use their muscles. My initial interest in physical therapy led me to work with Jeff Tanner, our Athletic Trainer, who spends countless hours to keep our athletes at peak performance.

What happens on the sidelines every Friday night?

Our preparation starts hours before the lights come on! Prior to the team taking the field, the training room floods with players coming in to get tape: wrists, ankles and fingers all need reinforcement. After taping, players receive potassium pills to prevent cramping, and we work flexibility while stretching hamstrings, quads, and hips. Once the players are ready for competition, we work to ensure all equipment is in place for the game. During the game, I walk the sideline to see if anyone needs attention. If a traumatic event occurs, I access Jeff’s expertise and learn the right way to diagnose and treat the injury.

Working with Jeff provides rare insight into maintaining a healthy team, and this experience inspired me to pursue sports medicine in college.

Charles Stern, Class of 2016


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