Fair Season … College-style!

college just aheadWhat are you doing today? Going to the lake, relaxing by the pool, sleeping in? I’m going to be on a bus with 72 Deerfield-Windsor juniors traveling to Atlanta. No, I haven’t lost my mind. We are going to a College Fair!

The Lovett/Westminster College Fair is one of the largest in the southeast and boasts over 300 schools from across the nation. College Fairs are an excellent resource for students and parents as they prepare to embark on the college selection process in earnest. Still not sold? Consider the following reasons Fair attendance is critical:

10 Reasons the College Fair is a Can’t Miss Event!

  1. In-person research
    Gain immediate, personal feedback to your questions and suddenly schools start “to come alive” for you while speaking with the admission and/or alumni reps at each booth.
  2. Save money
    College Fairs give you the opportunity to visit a large number of schools all under one roof.
  3. Explore new options
    Discover new colleges not on your radar.
  4. Free advice
  5. Narrow your list of possibilities
  6. Demonstrate Interest
    Colleges want to know that they are wanted.
  7. Find out about summer programs/opportunities
  8. Attend special information sessions
    Topics like Financial Aid or Athlete Recruitment.
  9. Practice your interview skills
  10. Great preparation for the campus visit

Mrs. Willcox, College Counselor


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